The No-Overhead Challenge Needs You

100% of your donation will go towards making more vegans!

An anonymous donor has covered all our overhead costs, so you can give—now through May 31—knowing your whole donation will go towards helping animals.

Help put $325,000 towards large-scale grassroots outreach that consistently inspires people to go vegan! 

  • You'll be putting pro-vegan leaflets in the hands of millions of students.
  • You'll change perceptions of vegan food by sharing delicious samples to curious non-vegans. 
  • You'll open doors to veganism with sound nutrition info, social support, and mentoring.

Without your help, this work is at risk of slowing or stopping—please keep it going strong by donating generously today!

Check, stock, vehicle, or bequest donations


Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Photo by Filming for Liberation