Tell Morningstar to ditch the egg and dairy

Morningstar Farms: Remove Eggs and Dairy From Your Garden Veggie Burger

Morningstar Farms has been known for making delicious vegetarian alternatives to proteins like chicken, burgers, sausage patties, and more. Although Morningstar’s products are widely available at nearly every grocery store chain in the US, many people are disappointed that most of their products contain eggs and dairy.

Thousands of vegans around the US would love to support Morningstar in ditching the egg in their products—specifically their Garden Veggie Burger sold in stores and at Burger King.

We’re grateful for such a hearty vegetarian option—but why not make it vegan? Think of how much animal suffering would be reduced if the egg and dairy were removed from their burgers!

Morningstar Farms has previously responded positively to public opinion. A campaign by Compassion Over Killing for egg-free, vegan products led to reduced egg-usage in Morningstar Farms products by over a million eggs per year—a change affecting more than 4,000 laying hens in factory farms every year. In fact, they recently even added two new vegan burgers—which makes us hopeful they will eliminate eggs and dairy from even more of  their products.

So let’s help more animals by asking Morningstar for a vegan Garden Veggie Burger! With the emergence of incredible plant-based protein products, they wouldn’t be alone. In fact, not only would they drastically widen their consumer base— they would also reduce harm to animals and the environment.

Please ask Morningstar Farms to ditch the egg and dairy to make their Garden Veggie Burger vegan!

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