California Pizza Kitchen: Offer a Vegan Cheese Pizza!

As one of America's largest pizza chains, we're urging California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) to embrace countless potential customers by adding a delicious vegan cheese pizza to their menu!

By catering to the millions of vegan, dairy-intolerant, and health-conscious consumers, CPK would become the largest pizza company in the US to offer a vegan version of one of America's favorite foods.

Not only is plant-based eating already a leading consumer trend, but the demand for healthier, animal-friendly fare will continue to increase in the coming years.

With the emergence of delicious dairy-free cheeses, it's easier than ever to provide a creamy warm melt that's perfect for pizza lovers!

Heck—throwing in a few toppings like meatless pepperoni or savory sausage crumbles would be even better!

Please let California Pizza Kitchen know the world is ready for a cheesy CPK vegan pizza!


Goal: 50,000 Signatures

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